D. Monitoring of the impact of the project Actions

D.1 Comparative human dimension analysis


People can hold very different opinions about livestock protection. In this action we will assess the human dimension of the project actions among the inhabitants of the project areas and specifically among key stakeholders for livestock protection (livestock farmers), as well as among other important interest groups targeted within this project (e.g. hunters, tourism sector, education, professionals).

A qualitative and quantitative survey will be done at the beginning and at the end of the project,. This will allow us to evaluate to what extent the expected change in attitude and behavior has been achieved.

D.2 Project effectiveness monitoring


This action will evaluate whether the actions, and especially the concrete conservation actions, have been successfully implemented in order to achieve behavioral change related to socio-economic and ecological dimensions of livestock protection.

Specific indicators will be used to do so, among others: livestock protection implementation rates, the willingness of individuals to actively engage in livestock protection support programmes, increase of local employment, and decrease in number of wolf-livestock depredations.