Emergency kits for livestock protection in Bavaria

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Bavarian authorities have had “livestock protection emergency kits” available for livestock owners in all 7 administrative districts for several years. These sets are fully equipped with strands and net systems. The administrative districts are large. Technical support should be available to pet owners as quickly and easily as possible. In Bavaria, for example, we decided to supplement the existing official standards and established additional material, consisting of willow nets, willow fencing equipment, batteries, earthing rods and corresponding accessories.

The material is only designed for short-term emergency use. The net fences can separate smaller plots or be placed in front of existing fixed fences. The electric fence energizers can help to bring sufficient voltage to the existing electric fence if necessary. The earthing rods can help to improve the effectiveness of existing fencing systems.

This is intended to provide temporary help to better protect animals after attacks or even just wolf sightings in the vicinity until long-term protection measures are implemented.

One set is looked after by volunteers from the Wikiwolves network in Franconia. This has the advantage that volunteers can also help with the quick set-up if necessary.

The second set is in the south of the administrative district of Swabia on a farm to supplement the set stored 200 km further north. Here the farmer has sufficient storage capacity and knowledge of good fence construction and livestock protection.

Both locations were selected so that the fencing material can be used as easily and uncomplicatedly as possible. We are grateful to the institutions that have taken on this task and will then also hand out the material. This is a voluntary commitment that cannot be taken for granted!

Emergency kit in use

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