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LIFEstockProtect by European Wilderness Society

You want to be directly involved in livestock protection?

LIFEstockProtect is looking for volunteers to implement livestock protection measures in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol. The volunteers will help the farmers in the valley and the shepherds on the alpine pastures with setting up, checking and taking down livestock protection fences, assist the shepherds in day-to-day care for the animals and participate in the alpine pasture drive (Almabtrieb-auftrieb). Herd protection can be an additional challenge for farmers and shepherds. This is your chance to help them adapt!

Volunteer Network – based on PASTURS

This network will operate based on long-term stays on a mountain pasture together with a shepherd or shepherdess. The volunteers will learn how livestock protection works and how to support the shepherd or shepherdess with building fences and herding livestock. Basically, assisting them during their daily working routine.

Besides aiming to support shepherd and shepherdesses, the network also creates the opportunity for volunteers to experience the challenges and beauty of working in the rural Alpine region. A unique and memorable experience!

Impressions of volunteer work in Tyrol at 2400 m

  • LIFEstockProtect Volunteer Workforce

Key points

  • Must be 18 years old at start of volunteering
  • Basic German or Italian knowledge is obligatory
  • At least 1 week commitment, max. 3 months
  • You need to be in good physical shape
  • Be aware of spending time in remote areas (no phone connection) and harsh conditions (bad weather periods, steep slopes)
  • No dogs allowed

  • LIFEstockProtect provides you with working equipment (gloves, etc.)
  • Food and accommodation are free. Travel costs and other expenses must be covered by the volunteer
  • A person from LIFEstockProtect will assist you during the registration and training period.
  • In case of problems and questions during the volunteering period you can always contact the LIFEstockProtect team

How do I become a volunteer?

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