Online seminars: Volunteering in livestock protection

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Are you interested in how you can support a farm as a volunteer in setting up livestock protection measures and thus help farmers and animals? Then you shouldn’t miss our online seminars that build on each other!

1. initial information and basics for interested volunteers in livestock protection

  • Insight into volunteer work in Livestockprotection (basic idea, requirements, example of Wikiwolves)
  • Insight into the biology and behavior of the wolf

Date: 25.03.2024
Time: 19.00-20.30

2. basic principles of Livestockprotection for volunteers

  • Livestockprotection methods, challenges in Livestockprotection
  • Insights into the importance of livestock grazing and the views of graziers and wolves

Date: 03.04.2024
Time: 19.00-20.30

Would you like to get active and gain practical experience? Then get in touch right away at

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