Start of the grazing and livestock protection season 2023: New dates for Bavaria

In 2023, farms in Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria are continuing to offer their fields, premises and discussion opportunities for the issues surrounding livestock protection. Livestock owners will share their knowledge and experiences around the topic.

Online presentations to start

On the 22.02.2023 at 19.30 Uhr our series of events will begin with a presentation and round table with wildlife biologist Michaela Skuban: “It’s working in the East, isn’t it?” The presenter will clarify the situation of livestock protection in Slovakia and talk about the established wolf population there. The round table aims to promote a discussion between researchers and farmers.

On the 08.03.2023 at 19.30 Uhr a second presentation will take place, this time on “Basics of livestock protection”. Here, participants will gain a general overview of the possibilities afforded by livestock protection. The webinar is especially fitting as an introduction to the topic of livestock protection and is open to all those interested in learning more.

On the 29.03.2023 at 19.30 Uhr Caroline Schnabel (State Office for the Environment) will hold her presentation: “Livestock guarding dogs – expedient for my farm?” Fundamental considerations on the acquisition of livestock guarding dogs that are imperative to assess will be addressed. Are dogs the right method of choice for my region and my farm? Reflections on this question can be discussed with Caroline Schnabel as well as livestock guarding dog owners. This will also be an informative discussion for non-Bavarian farms.

Volunteer training

On the 18/19th of March, the first course for volunteers will be held in Missen/Allgäu.

Throughout the year, three volunteer trainings will be offered across Bavaria. The courses will cover the basics of livestock protection, basics of animal husbandry, questions about voluntary work and practical training in fence-building. The 2-day courses will take place on farms. During the training, participants will learn about the concerns of livestock owners and the challenges in livestock protection. The course should help bring together stakeholders and enable participants to help livestock owners on a practical level.

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