LIFEstockProtect at the Green Trade Fair Berlin: Livestock guarding dogs in focus

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For 10 days, LIFEstockProtect had its own stand at the International Green Week in Berlin. During these days, we held numerous discussions with interested farmers, agricultural and hunting associations and political leaders. A particular highlight was the opportunity to talk to German Federal Minister Steffi Lemke about the challenges of livestock protection and the training and use of livestock guarding dogs.

Tribolator, our livestock guarding dog, proved to be an outstanding ambassador and remarkable stand companion. Tribolator’s presence was instrumental in convincing visitors at the fair that livestock guarding dogs can be not only reliable but also loving companions. His contribution was very valuable and played an important role throughout the event.

Moreover, we welcomed school classes to our stand every day and gave them an informative insight into the topic of livestock protection. We informed pupils of different ages not only about wolves in general and their role in the ecosystem, but also about how livestock protection works in practice. The presence of Tribolator helped to increase the students’ interest and attention.

Another highlight was the daily presentation of our livestock guarding dog Tribolator in our hub. The focus was on livestock guarding dogs in general, how they are reared, how they work and the important aspects to consider when encountering a livestock guarding dog.

Despite the intensive 10-day trade fair, we are very pleased to have taken part in this important event. The many open, honest and informative discussions gave us a positive outlook. We look forward to continuing our commitment to the protection of our animals despite the headwinds. We know that many colleagues would like more information about Livestockprotection and that we were able to successfully inform many people about the topic of Livestockprotection through our trade fair presence.

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