The updated folder is ready!

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The new LIFEstockProtect training folder is ready, just in time for this year’s season – after some unforeseen last-minute changes!
In it you can find the next courses and trainings for this year’s season.

Trainings and courses will again be offered in all three project regions, both on site and online. These include trainings for prospective volunteers, livestock farmers as well as agricultural consultants and shepherds. So there is something for everyone!

The courses and webinars vary widely in structure; some offer introductions to different topics, including livestock guarding dogs and fence building. Others give very specific input and practical advice on particular topics, e.g. mobile fence construction with the Patura Tornado Master 5.0 or fixed fence construction with T-posts on a sheep farm.

Participation in courses and trainings is generally free of charge. For further details and registration click here.

The LIFEstockProtect team would be pleased to welcome you at one of our events!

Veranstaltungen und Praxistage zum Herdenschutz 2023

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