Advice from livestock protection experts on the Stilfser Alm in South Tyrol

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The Stilfser Alm is situated in the Obervinschgau in South Tyrol, close to the Swiss border at an altitude of about 2000 metres. It is stocked with about 400 sheep, 120 young cattle and 90 dairy goats. After wolf attacks last autumn and this spring on the pastures in the valley, the people in charge of the mountain pasture contacted LIFEstockProtect. The project team agreed to look at the situation on site and to help where possible.

During the tour of the mountain pasture, our livestock protection experts from Austria and Bavaria were able to pass on valuable tips on fence construction and herding in this sometimes difficult terrain. The young shepherds listened attentively to the information: how should a fence be build near streams? How in steep slopes? What do I have to consider for a night pen? What is the best way to graze the area as a shepherd? These and many other questions were discussed together and solutions were sought.

The alpine community is very interested in implementing the best possible livestock protection in order to protect their animals in the long term and to maintain the tradition of alpine pasturing. LIFEstockProtect will keep in touch with them and visit the area again soon. At the same time, the possibility of holding training courses on livestock protection on the mountain pasture was also discussed. We will keep you informed!

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