How to store your battery over winter

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The grazing season is over, fences dismantled and animals back in the barn. Before the first snow arrives, all sensitive equipment should be well stowed away. It is also important to follow a few rules for the batteries of the electric fence devices.

Here are some tips to ensure that your battery is fully functional again next season. It is important that the batteries do not discharge during the winter when they are not in use.

Note the following points:

  • Before the battery is stored, it should be fully charged.
  • If the discharge is caused by even the smallest currents in the mA range, the negative pole of the battery should be disconnected.
  • The storage temperature influences the self-discharge. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the self-discharge.
  • The batteries should undergo a full charging cycle every 50 days – regardless of the battery technology. (A separate charger is required for a super fleece battery!)
  • A discharged wet-cell battery is at risk of freezing due to its lower acid concentration.

With these tips and tricks, your batteries should survive the winter well.

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