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After several months, the LIFEstockProtect Competence Centres came together again in large numbers (online) to exchange ideas. Also present was special guest Andreas Müllauer, an absolute expert in fence building, who shared his knowledge and experience with the other farmers. The purpose of these meetings is to exchange experiences, pass on tips and tricks and ask questions. Questions such as “Which material is best suited for lightning protection?” or “Why is it advantageous to use many earthing rods?” were answered by the expert Andreas.

Competence Centres

What exactly are the so-called Competence Centres in our project?

Livestock protection competence centres (CCs) are farms in the project regions that are interested in livestock protection, are committed to it and implement it themselves. Interested farmers can visit CCs and find out about livestock protection. The CC farms offer courses and other events that are open to all interested parties.

CC Passo dello Stelvio

During this meeting, special attention was paid to the CC on the Stelvio Pass in South Tyrol. Former Alpine pasture manager Josef Ortler talked about this year’s season and explained why the animals and their livestock guarding dogs had to be moved off the pasture earlier than planned. The Alpine pasture on the Stelvio Pass was successful in protecting its livestock in 2022 and recorded no depredations. Disputes, misunderstandings and various interest groups unfortunately led to the premature cancellation of the livestock protection measures this year. In a recent interview, Josef Ortler tells us more about the situation there.

Finally, an update was given on planned events, courses and webinars that will take place both online and at the respective CCs. The next meeting of the CCs is planned for March 2024.

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