LIFEstockProtect Partner Meeting

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After months of online meetings and conferences, the LIFEstockProtect consortium was finally able to meet in person to discuss the project together. Team members travelled to the Gambswirt Hotel in Tamsweg, Austria for a two-day meeting.

Partners gathered together on the 20th of June in the Conference Room of the Gambswirt Hotel in Tamsweg, where most of the them were also staying for the duration of the two days. Some guests could only be in attendance online, but were still able to contribute to the discussion. The topics covered in the discussions included project events, excursions and exhibitions, as well as a review of the past year’s activities, celebrating successes and examining where there was room for improvement. The LIFEstockProtect partners were highly engaged in all aspects of the meeting and took part in lively discussions on diverse topics.

Coffee breaks and lunches were held in the Gambswirt restaurant. On the first evening, the partners drove up to the Ludlalm restaurant together to enjoy some traditional cuisine from the Lungau region. Before eating however, Leo Slotta-Bachmayr from Naturschutzhunde gave everyone a demonstration of how scatdogs are trained to detect large carnivores. The consortium marvelled at the dog’s keen detection ability, but then had to run inside quickly as a summer storm broke over the field.

The consortium would like to thank the team at Gambswirt for their fantastic support leading up to and during the meeting. The two days were a success and hopefully this will be repeated when the LIFEstockProtect partners meets again.

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