Presentation of the herd protection competence center: Tiroler Oberland transhumance

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Thomas Schranz, founder of the Tiroler Oberland migratory sheep farm in the Landeck district, looks after valuable, species-rich areas and alpine pastures. He advises farmers on how they can still farm their land in the presence of large carnivores. Thomas has been working on the targeted continuation for years. Due to the presence of large predators, it was necessary to look for opportunities. Now the animals are protected by electric fences, shepherds and, last but not least, livestock guarding dogs. So far, this has worked quite well; the only thing that doesn’t help against large predators is shooting them, says Thomas. The measures to protect the animals vary depending on the area and legal regulations. These measures are costly and anyone who is prepared to implement these measures must be financially compensated in future, says Thomas. This is what the Tiroler Oberland sheep farm stands for.

In 2024, the Tiroler Oberland migratory sheep farm will set up a game enclosure for training livestock guarding dogs for wild game. This also serves as a model for possible wolf-repellent fences for game enclosures.

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