Scatdog training is picking up speed!

In Austria the training started earlier, whereas in Bavaria and South Tyrol it took a little longer due to COVID travel restrictions. But in July, the first teams have also started there the training to become so-called scatdogs, or wolf tracking dogs.

Motivation is the important factor in this work and it was quite high among trainers, dog handlers and dogs alike. Since the theoretical content was “only” taught via webinars, the joy of getting to know each other in person and exchange ideas was even greater.

In total, at least 20 Scatdog teams are being trained by the Naturschutzhunde in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol, who are to prove themselves as future “wolf sniffers” at the first of two examination stages already in autumn. The trainings were very promising in any case! Subsequently, depending on which species they are trained for, they can be used to confirm suspected presence or danger from a large carnivore.

Interested in learning more or joining the training? A webinar series will start again in August, with an information session taking place as early as 4.8.2021, which you can register for on the Natuschutzhunde website here.

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