The goals of LIFEstockProtect

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Livestock protection is still a major challenge and requires the implementation of various measures depending on the case complexity. For the first time, agricultural organizations have come together and developed a joint project for the German-speaking Alpine region. We collaborated with scientists, nature conservationists, livestock protection experts and other actors from Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol.

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate and implement livestock protection measures to enable the coexistence of humans, livestock and wild animals.

LIFEstockProtect plans at least 150 activities with at least 4 000 participants, including workshops, seminars, and trainings. They have the following objectives:

  • More regions where livestock protection is effectively implemented
    • Establishment of at least 20 livestock protection competence centres
    • Establishment of at least 9 pilot regions to test various livestock protection measures
  • Better knowledge of farmers on the subject of livestock protection through
    • Training of at least 1000 farmers
    • Education of at least 100 livestock protection advisors
  • Increased public acceptance of livestock protection measures through
    • Mediation of at last 100 volunteers to help shepherds
    • Training of 100 livestock protection ambassadors
    • Visit of at least 140 schools
    • 3 public conferences
  • Less conflicts between people, grazing animals and wild animals in the project target region in the Alps
    • Education of at least 5 tracking dogs
    • Education of 24 000 farmers
    • Workshops with at least 25 Tourism associations

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