Volunteering with farmers is back!

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This year, we are again looking for volunteers who are willing to spend some of their time with farmers and Shepherds to help them carry out prevention measures and support them in their daily work.

As of today, you can apply for voluntary service in Trentino and South Tyrol. The volunteer activities are carried out in cooperation with Eliante and Eurac, the partners of the LIFEstockProtect project, as well as with the Pasturs project. The farmers taking part in our project raise sheep and cattle, and one of the farmers involved was the first in the whole of Trentino to use guard dogs! The volunteers are guests of the farmers and have the opportunity to get to know life on the mountain pastures. Their tasks are varied: setting up and dismantling nets, guarding the animals and guiding the guard dogs. In some cases, the huts are located in areas that are heavily frequented by tourists, so it is also important to educate these people about protective measures, the presence of predators and the correct behavior in the presence of guard dogs. However, there are many tasks that can be done on the mountain pasture and volunteers are invited to help the farmers with whatever is needed.

At least one week’s availability is required for participation; registration is possible until April 14. The selection takes place in two steps: Evaluation of the application documents and an interview. The selected volunteers take part in a training course and are then ready for their assignments!

The minimum requirements and the application form can be found on this page

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