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35,200 visitors were attracted to Friedrichshafen by Messer Pferd Bodensee in February 2024. As an unusual information stand, we were also represented here for the first time with the topic of Livestockprotection. Our discussion group is usually made up of sheep farmers, goat farmers and suckler cow farmers – we were keen to see the response from horse farmers.
On each of the three days of the fair, we presented an insight into the development of wolf regions in southern Germany and the basics of Livestockprotection on the main stage. For many of the trade fair visitors, dealing with the topic was, if not new, then more of a side issue. With the attitude that there are still no wolves in their region, dealing with them is not important. Without unsettling animal owners, breeders and horse lovers, we clearly showed that wolves can actually appear anywhere in our country, even if they are not yet permanent residents. We had many good, critical but interested discussions with officials from Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland, breeders from Austria, trail riders from Germany and many more. The professional, technical exchange with fence construction companies that were also exhibiting at the trade fair was also important.
We had requested additional information material for the information stand, particularly from the Horse and Wolf project. In addition to our herd protection information, this special offer was very interesting for visitors to the information stand and was gladly taken up.

After three very pleasant days at the fair and positive feedback that the topic was still far too little known, we dismantled our information stand. We will continue to inform the group of horse owners via information stands, information material, discussion and training opportunities.

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