Engaging children in the world of livestock protection

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Monday was a busy day, as the European Wilderness Society, a partner of LIFEstockProtect, held a workshop about carnivores, namely the bear, lynx, golden jackal and wolf, as well as livestock protection, at the Fusch School on Großglocknerstraße. The 4th year, comprised of 11 students, was fascinated by the subject.

The children were already very well-informed and were able to tell some stories about the wolf, which has regularly poked its head in Fuschertal.

The children showed a lot of enthusiasm for the alternative perspective of large carnivores presented by Max Rossberg. They were interested and even showed the team a spot outside where a kid had recently spotted a lynx. Generally, the children were very open-minded and soaked up information like a sponge. LIFEstockProtect hopes that they are able to bring their newly acquired information about carnivores and the opportunities of livestock protection home to their parents and swing them towards a positive perception.

It was a fantastic workshop, and the team would like to thank the class’ teacher for their immense interest and enthusiasm!

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