New fence-building course (rescheduled) – how does livestock protection work for game?

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Compared to other domesticated animals, the protection of game kept in reserves from large carnivores is less well-known. At the new fence-building course in Lower Austria, this topic is front and centre.

On July 15th, LIFEstockProtect is offering a practice day for participants, to learn more about livestock protection for game kept in reserves, and to polish up their fence-building skills. Following a recap of the theoretical basis of this topic, participants will build an electric fence at an existing gate for game. With the help of external experts, participants will learn how to recognise challenging spots and solve them.

  • When: Friday, 15.07.22, 13-17:30
  • Where: Betrieb Wimmer, Sankt Oswald, Lower Austria

The farm in Lower Austria is led by Doris Wimmer. It is located in the southern Waldviertel and is run on a part-time basis. Apart from 2 horses, chickens and 2 goats, there has also been a 2 hectare game reserve with 23 animals since 2018. The reserve itself is split into 2 paddocks, although each contains a steep slope and wooded area. Around a half of the reserve is surrounded by forest, which presents an ideal cover for wolves.

As there have been increasing sightings of wolves in the area, and last winter saw the depredation of a deer, Doris wants to protect her animals before it’s too late.

Interested? Please register on the training website by 13.07, or by phone (+43 676 842 214 374). Please send any questions about this or other events to

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