Fill out a quantitative survey on perception of livestock protection measures

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Our project is based on direct exchange of information and knowledge and on field work, side by side with the farmers and shepherds interested in implementing livestock protection. But to do so, it is also important to know what the opinions and perceptions of a wider range of the public interested in these issues are.

Prevention measures involve in different ways all people who, for work or leisure, live or visit the mountains and pastures. For this reason, we invite farmers, shepherds, tourists, tourism operators and hunters to share their opinion and experiences on livestock protection measures. For this, the LIFEstockProtect team prepared a quantitative questionnaire on the topic of livestock protection, asking specific questions for each of the stakeholders involved.

The questionnaire has already been sent to a group of stakeholders selected by the project, but it is open to all interested parties operating in the project area. The answers we collect will help us to have a more precise picture of the perceptions of different groups of stakeholders regarding this topic and to better prepare the projects’ activities.

A second objective of this questionnaire is to measure the changes that our project will be able to bring with its activities. At the end of the project, we will send the questionnaire again to interested stakeholders to see how their opinions and perceptions have changed.

If you belong to one of the selected stakeholder groups, we invite you to participate in the questionnaire and share your opinion! It only takes a couple of minutes! Thank you!

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