LIFEstockProtect approved: start 1.9.2020

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On September 1st, under the leadership of BIO AUSTRIA Niederösterreich / Vienna, the largest livestock protection project, co-financed by the EU, called “LIFEstockProtect” starts in Austria, Bavaria, South Tyrol.

LIFEstockProtect is financed with a budget of 5 million euros and is aimed at all livestock farmers for a period of 5 years, regardless of whether they are cattle, cows, pigs, poultry, sheep, horses or goat farmers. The project is carried out under the leadership of BIO AUSTRIA Niederösterreich / Vienna. During the project development, special attention was paid to the expertise of livestock protection experts from agriculture as well as the involvement of numerous agricultural organizations, environmental protection associations and public institutions.

Another important focus is the development of knowledge for the breeding and use of livestock protection dogs, as well as the touristic challenges regarding the implementation of livestock protection.

“With submission and approval, we ensure that all livestock owners, regardless of whether they are obliged to graze on grassland or not, can pursue their profession despite the predators’ return.”Otto Gasselich, lead partner and chairman of BIO AUSTRIA NÖ / W

Otto Gasselich
Leadpartner und Obmann BIO AUSTRIA NÖ/Wien

The project will train more than 1000 livestock owners in all aspects of livestock protection. These trainings are aimed at all livestock owners, livestock protection advisors, veterinarians, shepherds, agricultural livestock protection advisors and official representatives.

“Professional education and training is indispensable for the successful implementation of livestock protection in the entire Alpine German-speaking region. That is why the 180 training courses are conducted by experienced agricultural livestock protection experts. ”

Max A E Rossberg
Projektmanager und Obmann European Wilderness Society

The kick-off event is planned for November 2020, taking into account the conditions imposed by COVID-19. Three more livestock protection conferences will be held in the following years. The first of a total of 180 training courses and workshops will be offered from spring 2021.

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