Patura Tornado Master 5.0 – a new system for mobile fences with 5 wires

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During today’s technical day on the organic farm and herd protection competence centre Herzog the new Patura Tornado Master 5.0 was presented, and practically introduced in front of interested farmers. As a 5-spool system it is meant to facilitate and accelerate the construction and removal of mobile fences.

The system allows users to control the tension of each wire (or band) individually, it has a depot for up to 400 posts (max. 12mm diameter), as well as mountings and compartments for miscellaneous material or tools. All of this was show-cased to the interested participants on a farm are: first 500m fence construction, then removing it again to show the rolling up of the wire. The Tornado Master is mounted on a tractor and moving along the planned fence line at walking speed, 2 people walk beside it, inserting posts in the ground at 5m intervals and threading in wires. The wire-guiding system can be mounted on both sides of the Tornado Master, changing the side is possible also during fence construction.

The speed of assembling a 5-wire fence was impressive, as was the smooth removal. Soon technical discussions about materials, fences, different providers and practical tips were in full swing among the participants. Equally, questions regarding technics, application and funding for the representatives of Patura and Lagerhaus Leogang showed, how interested and engaged the attendees were.

The day ended with a hearty lunch on the Herzog-farm, during which discussion and talk continued. Many thanks to the entire farm-family for their hospitality!

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