Practical day: Optimization of pasture fences for cattle using T-posts

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Just after the technical demonstration of the new Patura Tornado Master 5.0 on Thursday, on Friday we held another practical day with fence building (without the new machine however, instead with much muscle power). 12 participants helped on the organic farm and herd protection competence centre Herzog in Austria, to replace a pasture fence for the resident Angus cattle. 5 wires and a new height of 1.2m are meant to keep even the large animals safe, over winter the fixed fence will be laid down but not removed.

The participants learned, among other things, how best to measure the optimal distance between T-posts, on even and uneven terrain; how to construct stable corner posts; how to add fence gates; how to secure a ditch-crossing with chains; and about the instalment of insulators, springs, earthing and electrification.  
As the site was on a slope and the ground variable, the length of T-posts had to be adapted continually, overall posts from 1.2-2.4m height were utilized to keep the fence stable along the slope. Most practice was needed for the wire-wrapping when attaching the corner-insulators: careful fingers, sure hands and some experience is needed for this.

Many thanks to Robert Herzog for the great collaboration, instructions and tips; Thank you also to the rest of the family for the heartfelt welcome and hospitality!

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