Permanent fence-building using the T-Post system

On October 8th, ABDW South Tyrol organised a practical day in Welshofen, where the participants could learn how to quickly and easily construct a permanent electric fence using the T-Post system, which is still relatively unknown in the region.

At the livestock protection competence centre Weidmannhof at the Karerpass, fence building expert Hans Kaltenegger presented material, possibilities and important aspects for electric permanent fence building. Following an introduction into the basics of electrification and fence building as well as the specifics of the T-Post system, participants built a fence with 5 bands adhering to the rules of livestock protection and expert advice. Throughout, the expert pointed out small details that, if ignored, could lead to the final results being ruined. These professional tips and tricks helped the work go smoothly and effficiently, and thereby the participants learned to train their eyes. At the end, they were very proud of the completed fence.

A T-Post fence is made up of slim metal stakes with T-shaped cross-sections, which can be rammed into the ground relatively easily thanks to its dimensions. Electric wires are then secured to the posts using suitable insulators. If needed, the fence posts can be pulled out of the ground again relatively easily, and the fence can be built up again at another point.

The fence’s longevity in snowy and icy conditions should be tested overwinter. The LIFEstockProtect team will accompany this test phase and will take stock of this in spring with the livestock owners at the Weidmannhof competence centre.

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