Technical + practical day at Biohof Herzog in Hermagor

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Quick reminder: this week, two events are taking place at the organic farm and livestock protection competence centre Herzog.

The dairy farm keeps Angus cattle with 18 mother cows. The offspring are fattened at the farm, and the 28-36 month old oxes and calfs are slaughtered and sold directly by the farm. The animals are allowed to graze for about 6 months of the year, with the majority of the herd spending the summer on alpine pastures. This spring, an existing permanent fence with 1-3 bands was upgraded to a carnivore-proof fence with 5 electric bands. On the farm, 6 hectares are enclosed by a permanent fence. In the spring and especially in autumn, a further 12 hectares are enclosed with a mobile fence.

On this day, different support systems from various providers will be demonstrated for rapidly setting up mobile banded fences. Participants will also have the chance to test the systems themselves. The competence centre itself will now use a Patura Tornado Master 5.0 for autumn grazing in the valley. The Rappa System is especially useful for more difficult terrain and the Gallagher Smartfence 2.0 System makes erecting carnivore-proof fences considerably easier. A modified ATV Quad with a similar system will also be available to test on the farm.

This event is targeted towards all those interested in using carnivore-proof fencing around the farm as well as on nearby pastures for cattle and horses. Under instruction from fence-building experts, a carnivore-proof T-post fence system will be constructed on easy terrain, as well as the relevant grounding and electrification. A special feature will be the fencing along the course of a stream.

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