The birth of a pasture forest

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How outdoor pigs become forest pigs – Susi Hobl and David Fuchs from Hoblhof farm explain the ancient concept of grazed or pasture forests in a podcast

The Hoblhof’s 90 pig strong grazed forest that Susi Hobl and David Fuchs manage with their family is 2.5 ha large. The fruit trees, ashes, chestnuts, oaks and many other species partly feed the pigs, provide shade and also shelter many other animal specie.

In their podcast, the two farmers explain what a grazed forest (also called pasture forest) is, how they got the idea to plant trees for their pigs and what advantages (and disadvantages) the forest provides.

For anyone interested in grazed forests or in planting their own, as well as anyone who would like to take part in planting activities, can contact David and Susi.

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