LIFEstockProtect presented at the very exciting LIFE WolfAlps EU conferene about the wolf and livestock protection

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The online conference under the framework of the LIFE project WolfAlps EU took place on the 27th of May, reaching almost 2 000 people worldwide. Renowned experts from the whole of Europe outlined the situation surrounding the wolf and livestock protection in the alpine countries, France, Italy, Austria and Slovenia- with all its successes and problems. The activities from LIFE WolfAlps EU were presented, including the monitoring of wolves, livestock protection, public relations work and courses for school pupils and young people.

In the afternoon, Max Rossberg, Project manager of LIFEstockProtect presented our project, clearly emphasising that the directly impacted, like farmers, play a central role and carry the project as well.

The direct cooperation with farmers and how crucial it is to be well prepared for change was also emphasised by Nicola Notari, the Head of the Nature Unit, DG Environment of the European Commission:

Co-existence means Compromise It is an ongoing process and all parties must be ready to adapt. Especially in our co-existence with nature and species, which are reclaiming old habitats, we must accompany and support those who are most impacted by that. Farmers in the countryside provide important services that everyone profits from. Landscape management and biodiversity – lots of habitats and their species require the presence and care of humans. Therefore, we must do everything in order to support these people and combat population loss from such areas. (paraphrased)

LIFEstockProtect wants to support and prepare farmers through offering courses of the topic of livestock protection, from farmers for farmers. And much much more!

The whole conference was recorded and is available online here. In the upcoming weeks, the presentations of the speakers will be accessible on the LIFEWolfAlps EU website.

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