Preparations for stakeholder engagement

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LIFEstockProtect is a practical project that aims to support the implementation of livestock protection, especially through active measures such as training. At the same time, the project sees itself as a platform for exchange, also across supposed boundaries. Therefore, a multi-stakeholder dialogue is planned from 2022 onwards. Fundamental challenges in the implementation of livestock protection measures will be highlighted and analysed by working groups consisting of diverse stakeholders. In addition, close contact with decision-makers is sought in order to present experiences from livestock protection practice and thus to obtain further improvements for the implementation of measures.

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Preliminary work completed

An essential preparation for stakeholder engagement is the stakeholder analysis, which was recently completed. Systematically collected information was analysed and evaluated according to social science methods. The results point to two important issues for the dialogue work. On the one hand, the stakeholder group most directly affected by the implementation of livestock protection, the livestock farmers, seem to be predominantly sceptical about the topic despite great interest. On the other hand, the results give reason to believe that this group is not influential enough to directly change the conditions for its implementation (e.g. subsidies). Authorities and politicians play a major role in this respect. Other relevant groups are land use associations, environmental and animal welfare associations as well as scientists and experts. The results of this analysis form the basis for the following measures of the project for the involvement of stakeholders and will also guide all other project measures.

Strategic plan for the dialogue process

A strategic plan was also drawn up for the implementation of the dialogue process. This is intended to ensure that the dialogue is transparent, open and confidence-building. In addition, it outlines a roadmap for a successful dialogue as well as possible stumbling blocks and solutions to overcome them. For support, a professional moderator is currently being sought.

Practiced livestock protection is the best proof

In order to further establish livestock protection in the project area, a lot of work still needs to be done in the coming years. The involvement of farmers who themselves already protect herds is of central importance. The experiences persons with practical experience are elementary in order to credibly convey livestock protection measures as a solution for a permanent coexistence of livestock farming and large carnivores.

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