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Welcome to the LIFEstockProtect International Press Center

Here you will find the latest press releases and information on livestock protection, livestock protection dogs, shepherding, and sheep farming and the role of predators. If you have any questions about the press releases or the LIFEstockProtect project, please contact us directly or send us a press inquiry.

Coordinating Beneficiary (Lead)

  • Otto Gasselich
  • +43 676 8422 14 800

Project Management/Public Relations

  • Max Rossberg
  • Projectmanagement: European Wilderness Society
  • +43 676 9271 543

Contact South Tyrol

  • Katharina Hohenstein
  • +39 348 0683577
  • Julia Stauder
  • +39 0471055423

Contact Bavaria

  • Uwe Friedel
  • BUND Bayern
  • +49 911 57529412

Press Releases

LIFEstockProtect Alpine Livestock Protection Conference (26.01.2021)
LIFEstockProtect Factsheet
Weitere Pressemitteilungen

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Copyright regulations

All images are subject to the Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) with the European Wilderness Society being named as the author. You may reproduce and redistribute the image material in any format or medium and for any purpose, even commercially. The licensor cannot revoke these regulations as long as you adhere to the copyright conditions. You must provide appropriate copyright and legal information and indicate whetherchangeshave been made. This information may be given in any appropriate way, but not in such a way that the impression arises that the licensor particularly supports you or your use.

Press inquiries

Sie werden eine Email mit einer Bestätigung erhalten. Bitte überprüfen Sie auch eventuell den SPAM Ordner.


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